How to Become the Independent Woman

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A woman is an incredible creation of God that is often assumed as a feeble and delicate being. The delicacy and frailty are traditionally considered as a feminine trait that makes a woman more attractive. In the past, such a woman was desired who can cook good food and obey all the orders with a smile. Even now some conservatives judge a woman by these traits. And to confirm with the society, women mold themselves like this. Paradoxically they will follow the world. If that’s not their personality, they will pretend to behave like this. But luckily, the trend is changing now, and people have started accepting the independent women.

Today’s women know the importance of independence and want to be self-sufficient. In a few families, parents support their daughters and help them in this journey. But other traditional parents consider it total nonsense, and they contemplate their daughters settled after they tie a knot with a person who can earn bread for them. My blog is for such girls who are doomed in such a situation and consider this their destiny. My advice to the victims is to follow the following steps, and you can see the positive changes in your personality and life.

Improve your self-esteem

I want to assure such ladies! You can change your destiny if you develop a little confidence in yourself. Be confident, trust yourself and don’t care about other’s opinions. I know that’s not easy especially if you are a compassionate being. Become self-assured by gaining control over your life and you’ll be the independent woman. Otherwise, your condition will never change, and you will continue to be a no one for the rest of your life.

Be the independent woman, become so strong that people look up to you

Love yourself

Self-love is the essential characteristic to live a happy life. It makes you confident, positive and empathetic toward other humans. If you don’t love yourself how can you love someone else? Or how can you expect someone else to love you? Express your love toward yourself. See yourself in the mirror and praise yourself. Say how beautiful you are, how perfect you are, how talented you are. It will increase your confidence. It will make you more independent, and you will not care about other people opinions.

Become the independent woman, love yourself to make others fall in love with you

Identify your skills and take the right initiatives

Human beings are the magnificent creation, and we all have some skills that make us unique from others. Sometimes, the women who are not lucky enough to get educated, start considering themselves weak. But trust me you can still be the independent woman even if you haven’t got the training. Identify your core strengths. Some people are good at cooking; some are good at dancing, some at singing and the list of skills is infinite.

I was once watching a show in which a woman was telling how she was good at making fun of others and she pursued it as a career and became a critique writer. I was stunned to find that; a career can be made out of such a skill. It made me apprehend that skill can be anything. And if you use your expertise in the right way you can get it cashed. You have to be innovative. If you have a motherly nature, you can be a nanny and earn money. You can save it, invest it and open a daycare. It’s just one example of a long journey from employee to entrepreneur. You can create your example if you take the right steps. Education polishes your skills but being educated is not the only way to be independent.

Stop giving control of your life to others and become the independent women

Life is a precious gift from God, and you only live once. Don’t give the power of your life to anyone. Either the person is your brother, father, husband, mother whosoever. Respect your relationships but don’t suffocate yourself in this. Nobody is your lord, and you are not a slave. You have every right to live your life according to your desires like any other person. One thing I have learned over time that people direct us when we allow them to give us directions. So, please become a master of your life and keep the control of your life in your hand. But this is not possible if you are dependent on the other person financially or emotionally so try to be self-sufficient.

Be the independent woman, take control of your life in your hand
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Learn how to say NO

It is often thought in our society that a woman should not say no to her father, her elder brother and God forbade how a woman can say no to her husband. Yeah, that’s the biggest taboo. But can someone who believes in this please tell me what do you think of a woman?  A robot with no desires, no emotions, no self-respect. God can never be unfair to His creation. If He has created men, He has created women as well. And if women have to obey all the time, then they will be identified as slaves. It can put a question mark on the justice of God. So, open your eyes and ask yourself if God loves you more than your mother, can He be unfair to you? And the justice lies in the equality.

Don’t care what someone tells you. Follow your heart. Because that’s where God resides. Consider yourself equal to everybody in the world. Don’t consider anyone superior based on the gender or any other characteristic. And say NO if the order or request of any person is not in your favor.  Say NO if you don’t feel like it, say NO if you don’t want to do it. It might not be that easy in the beginning, but it will get better with time. And it will save you from the disasters.

Learn more skills

Learning more skills and getting more education will help you in becoming the independent woman. Always invest in yourself because that’s always a profitable investment. If you are good at cooking, learn cooking and master it, good at singing learn it and become professional because this will make you self-sufficient.

Be optimistic

Become an optimist. Stop getting sympathies and start taking initiatives to become strong. Be happy with what you have and show gratitude through your actions. Be satisfied and become positive about your life. Become the independent woman and support other women in their journey to become self-sufficient.

Be the independent woman, be optimistic about yourself and others

Don’t let anybody to take you for granted

In the end, I would like to say even if you are a house-wife, you are not employed or not working outside your house. Don’t consider yourself weak. Be independent in your thoughts.

If you are a house-wife, you are the designer of your house be proud of yourself. Feel confident and consider yourself strong. Being self-sufficient doesn’t only mean to be an earner of the house. You can become the manager of the earner of your home and still be proud of your job. The issue with being a house-wife is, you probably work more than a person who does a corporate job, but your efforts are not appreciated.

Housewife, the amazing manager who is perfect at multi-tasking. Consider yourself the independent woman

Don’t let anybody to take you for granted! Remind them of the efforts you put in to make your house so perfect. Because if you keep being a typical heroine shown in Pakistani dramas who care so much about others but remain an underappreciated individual throughout her life; then I am sorry to say, but you are not portraying the character of an incredible woman. Instead, you are disrespecting your gender and yourself. Trying to gain sympathies for your genuine efforts will not make you an inspirational being or the independent woman. Be so strong that people get encouragement from you, don’t be so weak that people pity you.


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