Law of Attraction: “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

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Have you ever conceptualized what life is? Life is full of adventures that fabricate experiences. Your experience comprises of both favorable and adverse events. Have you ever thought how the process of life is working?

We do ruminate on such things right! But the answer with which we satisfy ourselves vary from person to person. Mostly, our understanding of the process of life is dependent on the religion or the values that are being practiced at our homes and that we inherit from our elders. Me being born in a Muslim family had understood the philosophy of things happening in my life according to my religion. I never considered myself accountable for anything that is happening in my life until I read the book of Rhonda Byrne that has introduced me to the Law of Attraction. It changed my entire perspective on life. I still believe that things happen in my life are according to the will of God, but now I have also understood the role of my thoughts in my life.

What “The Secret” is?

If you haven’t read the book or watched the movie you may be new to the “law of attraction.” Let me explain it to you. Law of attraction is about whatever happens in your life is because of you. Because you create your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality. Still, there is a room for unforeseen things occurring in your life. Maybe that’s because of the superior authority “God” Who is planning a prodigious destiny for us which we can’t even fantasy. Nevertheless, the philosophy behind “The Secret” already has an answer for these unexpected events as well. According to which sometimes our subconscious mind is thinking about things which our conscious mind doesn’t know. But believing in religion, I call it God. Now you must be envisaging how the law of attraction works?

Your life is in your hands you can control things happening in your life by using the by using the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction: You attract everything whether good or bad

Close your eyes and imagine incidents from your life in which things which were once your dream became a reality for you. Now scrutinize the process of that dream becoming your reality. You must have dreamed it, and slowly and steadily one path has lead to another, the closed doors might have started opening for you and finally, you must have grabbed it right! Now, most of you might be thinking what about the unfortunate incidents that happened and were not desired. Maybe, you feared that catastrophic event more than desiring the goal. Thus, whether good or bad you attract things in your life and that’s the phenomenon of the Law of Attraction.

Dreams do become reality. Never give up on your dreams and law of attraction will show it's magic

Goals transformation into reality

Don’t you believe me? Try it! Trust me you will be stunned by the results. A person gets whatever the person wants from the depth of his/her heart, and that is the mechanism of dream changing to reality for me. If you haven’t attained your goals yet ask yourself. Do you want it in your life? If you are passionate about your desires Law of attraction will make that happen for you.

Application of “The Secret” to get control of the mess

Now you must be thinking about how to apply the secret in life. Believe me: you can control the mess in your life if you know the magic of “The Secret.” There are three necessary steps; Ask, Believe and Receive. To apply the secret and make everything to fall just in accordance with your dreams you should start practicing these three magical steps. As magic happens when we rehearse these incredible stages.

  • Ask

First of all get clear about what you want. Write your goals and be passionate about them. The universe has abundant sources, don’t be shy to ask. You can ask anything and everything. Resources of the universe will always remain full of stock. You just have to decide what you want from the world.

  • Believe

The next step is to believe that you will soon get your anticipated thing. The most effective way to attract dreams is to visualize that you have already achieved it and be grateful in advance for the blessing. The more you show gratitude, the more you will be blessed. Being happy with whatever you have is also a way to show gratitude. Have faith in your dreams, and they will become a reality.

  • Receive

Now you don’t have to wait anymore for your desires because the time to see your thoughts transformation into reality has come. But wait wait! To receive more in the future, you have to be grateful for the blessing in the present. Instead of showing arrogance to the world show your humility because you can receive more if you are thankful for what you have already.

Impossible is nothing

These are the golden principles to get whatever you have dreamed of. You want an amazing car, a loyal and beautiful partner, good relationships, a big house! Impossible is nothing just think positive and everything will fall into place and will help you to get closer to your desires. Don’t be negative about anything in life. Because trust me if you are pessimistic about yourself or others, you will attract negativity in your life. Be positive about everything, or I better say, “Fake it till you get it.” Even if you are broke, you have nothing, or you are ugly. Think good! Think you are rich, you have everything, and you are the prettiest person alive. Things get better when we believe that they will. Everything in life has two sides. Always see the brighter side to see a bright reality because optimism can do wonders. Honestly speaking it did for me it will do for you too.

Dream big! Nothing is impossible if you know how to use the law of attraction in the right way

Give in order to get

Lastly, I will tell you about another amazing principle which is to give more in order to get more. Like molecules move faster to the place which is empty as compared to a place which is full. Things in our lives follow the same principle. When we give a part of our wealth, happiness or love to anyone. It creates a vacancy which will attract more wealth, joy and love. Thus, in the end, I would say my life has become more positive after reading “The Secret.” I hope your life will change too after reading my blog.

Give more to the world to see the magic of the Law of Attraction


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