Stop overthinking and start living

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Our brain is the organ that serves as the center of our nervous system. It helps us to think and solve complex problems. Sometimes, this brain can create a problem for us when it starts to overthink. Overthinking is to think about something or some issue too much or for too long. Thinking is good but if you overthink it can cause anxiety. It will take away the tranquillity from your life.

Do you have an overthinking problem?

Analyze yourself do you overthink? Do you dwell on something instead of doing it? Do you worry a lot about something before it has even happened? If, you do you are an overthinker. If you overthink about what is happening in your life? What will happen in your life? Then you will ruin the peace in your life. You will get upset more; you might think that the worst is coming your way and you will get more depressed and angry.

Do you overthink and make things difficult in life? Stop overthinking and things will get better.

Neuroticism and overthinking:

According to the big five personality traits, emotional stability or neuroticism is an essential trait that determines how high or low your emotional intelligence is. Emotional intelligence is very crucial as it helps you to perform better at a job and also in personal life.

A person who has a very high score in neuroticism lacks the emotional stability. A neurotic person tends to experience extreme emotions whether they are positive or negative. Such people mostly experience negative emotions due to overthinking. Thus, neuroticism and overthinking are closely linked. So, overthinking can affect your personal and professional life. Emotional stability is a significant factor that helps you to spend a happy life. Analyze yourself are you neurotic?

A neurotic person lacks emotional stability and overthinking becomes his/her habit

The side effects of overthinking

When you overthink about the work that you have to do or something new that is coming your way, then you will not take control of the situation. Instead of doing work, you will spend your entire day in thinking about it. And you will have panic attacks for the event that is coming your way. It will take away the happiness of your life. Whatever you are fearing will come your way. Hence, If you keep on thinking that I have to do a lot of work, I have to put a lot of effort, or you believe that you will fail. Then what you are fearing will happen. And you shall fail. As an alternative to putting a lot of efforts into work, you will waste a lot of your energy in overthinking.

Whatever you think, you see. Overthinking will make life difficult for you.

  • You attract negativity when you overthink:

Moreover, a person who overthinks creates a lot of tension for himself/herself. Such a person also transfers this negative energy to the people he/she meets. It will create a negative environment around that person. And it will lead him/her in a constant state of depression. Thus, it will bring negativity into the person’s life.

Overthinking can lead you to negative thoughts.

An easy life is a curse:

Have you ever thought what life would be if there is no sorrow? What life would be if you only have the blessings? What life would be if you have only happiness? And what life would be if you have no hardships?

Life will become a curse for you if you live in such an experience. Don’t you believe it? Think of happiness without sorrow, think of a blessing without condemnation, think of happiness without sadness and think of success without hardship.

We enjoy happiness since we have had sorrows in life. We enjoy blessings when we don’t have them for a long time. We experience joy when we have seen the sadness, and we enjoy success after we have faced the hardships.

Otherwise, these things lost their beauty and their true essence. Thus, an ideal life is a life of struggle not a life without efforts. When we get things without trying hard for them, then they don’t make us that happy as compared to things that we gain after great hardships.

An easy life is not an ideal life. Overthinking increase your hardships.

How to overcome overthinking?

1) Face problems instead of overthinking about them:

An ideal life is a life which has both good and bad events than why fearing unpleasant events? Why getting frightened of doing hard work in life? Life is the second name of struggle. We all are having problems in life only the name of the issues are different.

Life is not a bed of roses for anybody my dear. Don’t consider yourself the victim. Consider yourself the warrior who should face the life tragedies with a happy face. Instead of thinking about how I am going to do it? Do it! Wait for it to happen instead of thinking how it will happen. Thinking is good but overthinking can make life complicated.

Don't overthink and face whatever comes your way. Overthinking is the cause of all evil in your life.

2) Think of things which you can control:

Always think of the things which you can control instead of things which you can’t control. As described by Stephen R. Covey in his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” be proactive, not reactive. You should make a contingency plan for the unwanted events but never think what I am going to do if such an unfortunate thing happens. Think of the things which you can do if something terrible happens. And stuff on which you have control. Don’t think of the things which you can’t do or on which you have no power. Live in the present, not the future!

Stop overthinking! You can't control everything just let it be.

3) Don’t cry about your problems:

Don’t cry about your problems in front of everyone. Trust me nobody can solve it for you. You have to do it for yourself. And everyone has their own shits to clean honey; nobody will clean yours for you. So, instead of giving negative energy to the world and creating an unfavorable environment for yourself by crying over your problems. Start thinking about the solutions to solve them and act on them instead of overthinking about the solutions. Only you can do it; only you can resolve the complications in your life. Enjoy everything in your life. Love what you do and it will become a piece of cake for you.

overthinking can create problems that were not even there.

4) Have faith in yourself :

Believe in yourself that you are going to accomplish everything whatever comes your way. Let it happen and then think about it don’t think about it before it has happened. Because things get into place when we expect them to. Think of yourself as an astonishing person that can do anything in life and you will do it. Be positive about yourself and your potentials.

Don't overthink have faith in yourself. Overthink can make things difficult.

5) Gain control over your emotions:

It’s totally fine if you have a high score on neuroticism. But not changing it and keeping it on the same level is an issue. Gain control over your emotions! Whatever you feel either positive emotions or negative ones don’t let them exceed so much that they ruin life for you. Happiness comes your way enjoy it don’t become so happy or so attached to it that you become mad when you have to leave it. If sorrow comes your way take your time, be sad but don’t be too sad that you ruin your life. Don’t get to a stage where the happiness cannot reach you ever.

6) Be welcoming:

Either good days or bad days come in your life welcome both with controlled emotions as explained in the previous point. Don’t be too happy with a good day that you can’t welcome a bad day anymore.  And don’t be too sad on a bad day that there remains no room for a good one. Welcome both with joy and with controlled emotions.

welcome things in your life without overthinking.

Thus, your life is in your hands, and your brain is in your control. Either you can use it and solve complex issues and make your life heaven. Or you can overuse your brain and make things hell for you. Always remember one thing overthinking will not answer anything for you. I want to communicate this incredible principle to my readers. Stop doing Chun Chun and start living because life is beautiful.


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