Chief Justice warns the people halting dam funds of Article 6

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LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Saturday said. He will initiate proceedings under article 6 of the constitution against anyone who attempts to stop the dam project.

Article 6 of the constitution of Pakistan  deals with matters of high treason. According to Geo News, the remarks came as the Chief Justice chaired a division bench of the court in the Lahore Registry of the apex court. To hear a Suo Motu case against mineral water companies  using underground water  .

He had taken the Suo Motu notice during the hearing of Katas Raj temple case.

A lawyer representing the government and MD Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) also appeared before the court.

The lawyer told the court that the water companies were paying the government 25 Paisa per litre and selling at the rate of Rs50 per litre.

The MD WASA, however, said the the companies were extracting the ground water without paying any charges.

The chief justice asked the water companies to determine the rate.

He remarked that it also needs to be ascertained whether there are any minerals in the mineral water the companies are selling.

The chief justice said  water is now costlier than gold and the court would not tolerate any theft.

The judge said he had no purpose other than serving the nation. “I have starting studying the Article 6, and will apply  the article  against anyone who tries to stop halt the dam.

During the hearing, the court asked CEO of all water companies to appear on Sunday.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar already remarked about people opposing fun raising construction of dams.

While passing remarks during a hearing, he said. ‘Those claiming that asking for donations for the construction of Bhasha and Mohmand Dam is ‘begging’ should be ashamed of themselves’. The chief justice while hearing cases at the Supreme Court passed remarks on the dams fund. And expressed anger at those criticizing it.

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