Life is an Echo & you can transform your echo

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You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind ~ Joyce Meyer

Life is different for everyone. To some, it’s fair in distributing all the happiness, and to some, it seems unjust to give only the sorrows. To me, life is an echo. Whatever you do, say, think; it comes back to you. To me, life is fair because I can see the reflection of my actions in my life. I have faith in thoughts creating the reality.

Life is an echo, scream wisely

Yesterday I had a long argument with my Sir who is teaching us Leadership in the MBA program. He was criticizing the concept of proactiveness. And I was supporting it as I believe in positivity and the law of attraction.

My sir said you can’t think all the time proactively because life is not fair always. Like if a child who is eight years old and was very positive about his life, about himself and has just started exploring the world is killed by a man. Was this fair with him? Did his proactiveness help him? Because if you think, proactively it means that whatever is happening in your life is because of you. He also asked me why the proactiveness is not helping someone who is living in Ethiopia and dying of hunger? Is it fair to those people? He was supporting the fact that you have to be reactive sometimes to understand the world. Because sometimes the circumstances and situations are designing our life instead of us.

I didn’t have an answer to his questions. But the solution with which I satisfied myself was if you have to see the life of people by keeping the concept of internal locus of control, thoughts creating reality, echo, you have to analyze it individually. By observing the growth of a person instead of people. You can’t just see the injustice that is prevailing collectively and criticize the idea of life is an echo. We criticize this concept without analyzing the psychology of individual beings.

Coming back to the topic I will say life is an echo whatever we want we get. Whatever we give in present we receive in the future. Give love to get love, give respect to get respect and provide happiness to obtain happiness.

Whatever you see in others exists in you

If you see beauty in others if you see imperfections in others if you see good qualities in others that does not define the person in which you see all these things, but it describes you. Your thoughts are a reflection of yourself. If you want to look at the goodness in yourself; analyze yourself how do you see the world and it will tell you a lot about yourself. As I have already explained in my previous blog the concept of vacancy when you give; a room is created for more. If you give negative, you will get it back that’s how life works.

Life is an echo of thoughts, action and everything

Once I was reading a motivational story of a person named Bing. Four years back he was 26 years old man and was single. Bing had many relationships in the past, but most of the time he was not sincere in his relationships and was found cheating.  Now he was looking for a relationship in which he can get settled. What was surprising about his story was that whoever he was dating after he has planned to get settle was not sincere to him.

And now he was getting what he was doing previously. Bing got depressed because now he wanted someone who loves him truly who supports him, with whom he can grow old. He went to an old person and told him about his story the old man gave him an advise “life is an echo whatever you shout comes back to you like a roar.” Bing asked the old fellow what I can do now to turn the situation; the old man said: “scream wisely.”

He started analyzing the situation because the advice of the old man shrieking wisely was not helping him. Bing began to figure out the depth of the advice. He found out that he hasn’t given anything useful to the world and that’s why he is suffering.

After realizing it, he started acting what he wanted in life. Bing became sincere in his relations whether that was with his parents, siblings, friends or girlfriends. He stopped lying, stopped cheating and gave his best. After a few bad experiences, he started getting what he was offering. Bing began getting the positivity that he was giving to the world. And now he is 30 he has already found his soulmate and got married to her last year, and now they are expecting a baby.

That’s how echo changes when we change our screams. Universe has abundant resources we just have to ask for the right things, we need to show a kind gesture by giving more, and the echo transforms.

You can do following things to get a phenomenal echo:

  • Analyze your desires

You should see what is lacking in your life. What do you want from life? It can be anything a partner, a friend, a car or a new pencil maybe. The size does not matter. There is no scarcity of resources. First, see where is that vacancy in your life that you want to fill. Sometimes, we don’t even realize what we need.
We keep on striving for things that are not our desires. But because someone is doing it or having it, so we want it. So, this step is not that simple as it seems. Take time don’t conclude so early. Analyze with mindfulness, don’t decide what you need with your mind sleeping. Be alone with yourself and then understand what is there that you want.
Life is an echo analyze the problem first to transform your echo
  • Shout wisely! Give, what you want to get

After analyzing change what you were doing wrong previously. Shout wisely to get the desired echo. If you want a car that is your biggest dream. You can help people in achieving their dreams maybe someone’s dream is to get paints with which the person can draw his/her dream painting. And you can afford that person’s dream. Help people in achieving their dream to get your dream. Show empathy and be a good listener for others. If you want someone to do that for you. Understand others first and then demand to be understood.

Life is an echo, scream wisely to change your echo

  • Do hard work for getting a good echo

Whatever you want to achieve strive for it. If you want a perfect body work hard and go to the gym to make your imitation strong. You can’t sleep all day and expect it to happen. Otherwise just thinking about it or helping others who want something will create an echo but that would not be audible. The results would remain minimal until you strive hard. Once you take the second and the third step together. They will create synergy, and the outcome will be surprising. It will be multiplied by four when you consider both these things otherwise it will be very minimal to be felt.

  • Invite other people

Invite others as well and take help from them. When a lot of people shout at the same time, the echo increases.

If you want to run a successful business, ask other people to join your team and motivate them. Create a vision, set goals and involve them in those goals. Because when goals become common, roar becomes louder and echo become humongous. Form a community of people who have interests like yours. It will help them to achieve their interest, and you will meet your interest in the process. The sum is always more significant than the individual.

Life is an echo be wise today to get a better future

The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment; You create a good future by creating a good present ~ Eckhart Tolle

You can produce your desired echo if you shout rightly. That is what life is. Life is an echo where we get a reflection of whatever we have given to the world. Thus, live a positive life to get a positive future because you are creating who you will be.

Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you see in others, exists in you.

If you have a motivational story, you can share it with me. Email me on the contact details that are given below, and I will mention your story in my coming blogs.



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