Iqbal Day: The True Message of Iqbal is still applicable in Modern Days

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9th November is celebrated as the ‘National Iqbal Day’ all over the Pakistan. Dr. Allama Iqbal, who has been given the title of ‘National Poet’ was the one who dreamt of Pakistan. It wasn’t an ordinary dream. Rather, it was based on practical knowledge of history and our geography. It was the long sightedness of Iqbal which made Muslims of Subcontinent struggle for a separate nation. He was not just the member of Pakistan Movement. In fact, he was a philosopher and a poet who gave us the poetry which will keep enlightening our path. Let’s look at some of the main components of his poetry which are still applicable in our lives as they used to while he lived.

Message to Children:

Iqbal was a poet for every age. He wrote poetry for children in a more simplistic manner. Poems like “Aik Pahar Aur Gulehri” (A mountain and Squirrel) gives the message of “Self worth” to the Children. He emphasizes so much about Self-discovery in his poetry that he does not forget to convey this messag to children. In his poem from one of his books Bang-e-Dara, he gives the message that nothing in this world is without any purpose. Everyone is special in this universe and God has placed a reason behind each one of his creations:

In his another poem “Lab Pay Aati ha Dua Ban k Tamana Meri”, Iqbal depicts a child praying to his God. In his poem, instead of portraying a child asking for some worldly thing. The child asks for a greater purpose of his life and that is serving humanity. Hence, Iqbal was very sensitive about the brought up of children. He was of the view that we need to be really careful about what things we put in our children’s mind. Iqbal knew that the children are our future and we need to prepare for it ourselves.


This is, arguably, Iqbal’s most favorite topic and he emphasized on this greatly as well. He published his book ”Asrar-e-Khudi” (Secrets of Self). In this book he talked about Khudi. The word ‘Khudi’ is synonymous with the word of “Rooh” as menitioned in the Quran. ‘Rooh’ is that divine spark that is present in every human being. It was present in Adam for which HE ordered angels to prostrate in front of Adam.

He says that the spiritual spark is present in everyone. Its just the realization of it,which is very crucial. Iqbal is of the view that one’s true purpose of life should be the realization of Khudi. One who has Khudi in himself can conquer anything in this world. This could be understood by similitude of Seed and Fragrance. Iqbal says that fragrance lies in every seed. It’s the journey which seed has to go through makes all the difference. He says that this journey should be traveled by each member of his youth. In his poetry he said:


Allama Iqbal was deeply concerned with the condition of youth in his time. He saw a true potential in them and his poetry depicts the same. He was of the view that had youth of subcontinent realized their potential in time. They wouldn’t have to go through all the difficult era of 18th to mid of 20th century. He saw in them, a true Muslim, Mard-e-Momin, Mujahid-e-Islam (Soldier of Islam), Shaheen (Eagle) and of course a true believer.

He said in his poem that :

Muslim Ummah:

Allama Iqbal was very disappointed with the situation of Muslim Ummah in his time. Muslims of subcontinent were in very bad situation at that time and Caliphate had been suspended. Allama Iqbal visited Europe during his life time. He visited those areas which mulsims had conquered and ruled for years. He gave Azaan in one of the mosques of Spain. This was the tour after which he turned into a true poet of Muslim ummah. He wrote poems about the great past of Muslims. He was of the view that the greatness of muslim was due to their non-materialistic approach. Iqbal said that muslims of the past had true faith in God and that was the reason behind their success

Iqbal considered the whole Muslim community of this world as one. This was one of the basis of the idea of Pakistan as well. Iqbal thought that the bright future of Muslims is linked with them being united. Muslims can only prosper if they are allowed to live according to their religion.

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