How to stay Happy: 10 Happiness Skills you should adopt

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How to stay happy” is one of the most frequently asked questions. Almost all of us ask this question from someone or from our own self. One thing you need to remember is that problems are a part of life. Everyone in this world is facing never-ending problems. So, if you are waiting for the time when all of your problems will end and you will live an incredibly happy life then mark my words “YOU CAN NEVER BE HAPPY.” The art of happiness is not to run away from your problems or to wait for the time when all the problems will end. The real happiness is to face and solve your problems and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

There are some habits that literally destroy your inner peace by affecting your mental health and lead you to a miserable life. What I learned from my experiences is that you need to adopt some certain skills for living a peaceful and happy life. You want to know “How to stay happy?” Keep on Reading…! You will get the answer.

How to stay Happy: Adopt 10 habits to live a happy life

1) Do not compare yourself with others

Comparison creates the feelings of insecurity and depression. Have you just read the status of your friend on social media announcing her new job or engagement and a thought popped in “Why it can’t be me?” No two persons are same so does their lives. You just need to wait for the right time. Comparison shatters the confidence level. Believe in yourself and spend all your energy on achieving your goals instead of wasting it in making comparisons. You have got your own abilities to do something amazing in life.

You want to know how to stay happy? Stop comparing yourself with others
You are beautiful in your own way

2) Embrace your weaknesses and failures

Have you faced many failures in life? It is totally fine. Failures pave a road to success. Always remember that Success is built on Failure. All you need to do is to learn from your failures and embrace them. You tried hard but you failed? Get up, gather more energy and try again! Keep trying until you succeed. You know what is the worst kind of fear? The “FEAR OF FAILURE.” Start embracing your failures otherwise you will never be able to handle them. The way you deal with your fears have a great effect on your future.

The second thing you need to do for getting your answer for “how to stay happy” is to embrace your weaknesses. Hey! You must have heard the line “No one is perfect.” Yes, that is so true. You can be a flawed vessel but you are not a useless one. Once, you will start recognizing your weaknesses, believe me, these weaknesses will become your strength.

3) Lower your expectations

Oh! Here comes the most difficult thing to do. I would not say that do not expect anything from anyone as it is not possible to do this but you can and you should lower your expectations, especially if you have a sensitive nature. It’s not easy to come out of the dark when the expectations shatter. So, it is better to keep yourself safe beforehand. In short, I will say that always expect lower from life otherwise the reality will haunt you.

4) Talk to your own self

It is a very good practice mainly when you are feeling low (It does not mean that you do not need to talk to yourself when you are not feeling sad). Talk to yourself, clear the things in your mind, get to know yourself, ask yourself that what are your goals and what you want to achieve in life. Pen down your thoughts if you cannot talk about them. Have good conversations with your own self. It is not at all crazy; it will make you feel good for sure. In this way, you can look for motivation in your own self.

You want to know how to stay happy? Then talk to yourself, let yourself know that what do you want from life
Have good conversations with your own self

5) Stop playing the Blame Game

Do not blame others for your problems or failures. Learn to take responsibilities for the things that happen in your life either good or bad. This irrational game will never let you take your responsibilities.

6) Let it go

One of the answers to the question “How to stay happy” is that do not bottle up your feelings by holding a grudge for someone. It will just make your situation worst. Forgiveness is not an easy pill to swallow, but once you will do it, you will feel much better and relaxed. So, LET IT GO Guys. Whatever it was, FORGIVE AND FORGET. Move on with your life.

You want to know how to stay happy? Forgive and Forget
Close your eyes and let it go

7) Don’t give importance to unimportant things in life

If you will keep giving importance to every unnecessary shit in life then forget about being a happy person. Giving importance to unimportant things in life means that you have got nothing constructive in life to focus on.

8) Do what makes you happy

Some real action is required here! Take your life decisions so that later on you do not blame anyone. Make sure to do the things that make you happy. Do not listen to Muhally ki aunties or chacha, khala, mamo etc. I know, it’s not easy to get out of society pressure but make your own choices to enjoy your life. Trust me, you will feel free and empowered.

You want to know how to stay happy? Then do what makes you happy.
Feel free and empowered by doing what makes you happy

9) Remove toxic people from your life

One of the most important steps to happiness is to remove the toxic people from your life; the people who give you negative vibes! Surround yourself with those who add positive energy in your life.

10) Have faith in God

Last but not the least, HAVE FAITH IN GOD. God is great. If your world turned upside down, don’t lose faith. Tomorrow is another day and Always Remember! Miracles do happen.

You want to know how to stay happy? Have faith in God.
Trust His plans


Hopefully, the blog has helped you to get an answer to the question “How to stay happy.”Life is very short and uncertain, so why to be unhappy?


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