Beautiful Places In Pakistan – Fairy Meadows

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I am travelling the Northern areas since my childhood. I have the travel bug so that is why I had visited many beautiful places in Pakistan. When I was in third grade, I had a chance of travelling on the old silk route to reach the China border. It was one of the most difficult paths that I visited because the road condition was worst from Hunza to China Border. But little did I know at that time that there is another path which is going to give me the deadliest experience of my life.

In Aug 2017, my best friend searched for a trip planned by a travelling agency to the  “Fairy Meadows” that is on top of the list of the beautiful places in Pakistan and it lies in the heart of Northern Pakistan. I said Yes! As I was too excited to accomplish some of our “bff-goals.”  In the first attempt of getting permission, my father said a straight NO! Happens in almost every Pakistani family but then I was successful in getting permission as I planned to take my brother along. Smart enough 😉

My desire of visiting the beautiful places in Pakistan:The Journey Begins

Now coming to the point. We started our journey from Islamabad. There are two ways to reach Gilgit by road. One is through the Naran-Kaghan side and the second one is the old road through Besham. We had a lot of inconveniences as we traveled through Naran-Kaghan route but when we hit Babusar top, the road was closed due to the land sliding. This route is breathtakingly beautiful but it only gets open between May-Sep and even in these months the roads sometimes get closed due to the land sliding so take proper information before going through this route.

Then the next day we took Besham wala rasta that is very long, rough and scary. If you are travelling through this route then plan to start your journey in the morning because after Maghirb the police there do not allow you to cross Besham as the road from Besham to Chillas is not safe to travel at night.

Once you reach Chillas, spend a night there and then in the next morning start travelling to Fairy Meadows.

Things to take along:

Take all the important things along! Because you would not be getting any shop there. Here, I am listing some essentials.

  1. Sun Block
  2. Hat or Scarf
  3. Water Bottles
  4. Chips, biscuits, chocolates or any other thing that can give you quick energy
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Power Bank

But make your bag as light as possible so that you can carry easily.

First Stop-Village Tatu:

It takes about 1 and a half hour to reach Raikot Bridge from Chillas. Once you reach Raikot Bridge, there you need to hire a jeep because the path is very narrow and unmaintained. The jeep drops you at village Tatu.

This jeep track is THE DEADLIEST ONE. Yes! I am not exaggerating; it gives you the shivers especially when you look out of the jeep window. I do not recommend the people of above age 45 to visit this place as the jeep ride and the hiking is really tough. I have even seen the families taking their kids along but I don’t think so that it is a good idea. You must have strong nerves to travel on this path.

The beautiful places in Pakistan usually have scary paths but the jeep ride to Fairy Meadows is the deadliest one.
The scary jeep ride

Once you reach village Tatu, the jeep track is over so you need to walk by foot to reach there. I am really bad at hiking so it took me about 4-5 hours to reach fairy meadows. It is one of the toughest hikes as the path is very narrow and even a slight foot slip can result in dangerous outcomes. You can also take horses if you do not want to lose some fats.

Few days before our trip, a massive land slide occurred which destroyed the path due to which we had to cross this DEADLY LEDGE shown in the video.

Second stop-Fairy meadows:

Once you reach Fairy Meadows, all the effort you made is worth it. You get a great feeling when you see the mesmerizing view of Nanga Parbat with a peak hidden in clouds.

There are many beautiful places in Pakistan.Fairy Meadows is one of them.
Lush green view of Fairy Meadows

You can book beautiful wooden huts or you can also do camping if you want to experience something new.I chose camping as I had never done it before and it’s always good to get new experiences. At night we enjoyed the bonfire and the locals also did “ATTAN” for us. It’s a special dance of Gilgitis.

There are many beautiful places in Pakistan.Fairy Meadows is one of them. You can book wooden huts in Fairy Meadows.
Wooden Huts in Fairy Meadows
There are many beautiful places in Pakistan.Fairy Meadows is one of them.Fairy Meadows also let you to enjoy the camping experience
The beautiful camping site

Imagine, enjoying the bonfire with a view of Nanga Parbat and the stars full of sky <3. It is a lifetime experience. There are many beautiful places in Pakistan, but this one is THE BEST. The food there is little expensive than the normal prices but the food quality is good.


Reflection Lake:

There is a reflection lake in Fairy Meadows. The reason for its name is that it shows the reflection of the killer mountain “Nanga Parbat.” Such a beautiful sight it is! The green meadows are so soothing and serene.

Reflection lake which reflects enormous Nanga Parbat Mountain is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan
Reflection lake-reflecting enormous Nanga Parbat Mountain

So, guys you can have a time of your life there if you love peaceful places with beautiful views. Plan a trip, pack your bags and enjoy the beauty of Fairy Meadows. For getting information about more beautiful places in Pakistan, keep visiting our website.

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