Strong decision making: Break the chains of “Log kya kahengay”

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All of you must have heard the phrase “Log kya kahengy?” (What will people say) as it is very common in our Pakistani society. Usually, this phrase is associated with women who have to give up their ambitions and passions just because of the fact “Log kya kahengay.” But to some extent, it also effects the men in our society as sometimes even they also have to give up their dreams and ambitions for this stereotype. Why has this phrase taken over our community? Why people care so much about what others will think or say? The biggest reason is the incompetence or inability to build strong decision making and to take a stand for yourself!

Have you handed over your dreams to the society? In my blog, I will try my best to make you learn that how you can break the chains of “Log kya kahengy” (What will people say!) Happy Reading 🙂

Build strong decision making skills:

If you cannot take a stand for yourself, then no one will do it for you. Do not give the rope of your life in the hands of others. As I always say, Happiness is a choice, so you are the one who is responsible for whatever that is happening in your life. I emphasize to build strong decision making skills. Until you will not learn to take the decisions of your life in your own hands and to stand by your decisions, you can never live a self-sufficient and independent life. Make choices for yourself!

Some common examples:

For example, if you want to choose the field of arts but your parents are like “Humara beta tau doctor ya engineer hi bnega!” Now, what to do? Are you choosing medical school only because your khala ki beti has done it? You should not follow the path for which you have got no passion. You should give respect to your parents, but when it comes to decision making, I will say, follow your dreams PLEASE! Whether you want to become a photographer, actor, painter, singer, or a scientist FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! So that you don’t spend the rest of your life with regrets. Whatever you do in your life, do it with passion. Remember! Just don’t do it because everyone is doing it! Only choose it if you have a desire for it.

Do you want to break the chains of LOG KYA KAHENGY? Then develop strong decision making skills.

Let’s take another famous example! Your parents want you to marry a person whom you don’t like, or that person does not have mental compatibility with you. Usually, what happens in our society is “cast ya khandaan sy bahar shadi nahi karni.” I mean why? Are the others not human or what’s wrong with them? It is the biggest decision of your life. Do not marry the person with whom you don’t want to spend the rest of your life. It’s not a matter of a day. It’s a matter of whole life. Take your decision wisely and then stand by it.

Divorce is still a Taboo:

Another taboo in our society is to get a divorce or to be unmarried after 30. If your marriage is not working out and it is a source of constant stress for you, then please don’t torture yourself. Life is the biggest blessing of God. Do not waste it with a person who does not know your worth. The people of whom you are afraid of will never come to support you or to solve your issues. You are all alone in your battle with life. Then why to give so much importance to the fact that what they will think about you? Similarly, if you are above 30 and still do not want to marry, it’s alright. It is your own decision you can marry whenever you feel it’s the right time to get hitched.

You should learn strong decision making skills so that you do not regret later on for not taking your life decisions by your own self.

Break the chains of LOG KYA KAHENGY:

Hence, the whole thing revolves around decision making. When you learn to stand by your decisions, then you will not be affected by “LOG KYA KAHENGY” and will develop enough courage to follow your dreams no matter in how many ways the society tries to stop you. I will repeat, do not ever hand over the authority of decision making to anyone else in your life. Yes, you should respect your loved ones and should also take their concerns while making any decision but don’t do it for this that what will people say?

Remember that phrase “People don’t pay your bills.” It is hell true! They seriously DON’T. So, why give them so much importance? Why not live your own life? No one ever gets successful by following the path for which they have zero interest. And believe me! If you would act according to other’s opinion even then they would not be happy with you. You can never make everyone happy, so focus on making yourself happier first.

Decision making is an important aspect that let you to live your life in your own way.
I love this quote by Steve Jobs

The last thing that you need to understand is that all humans are not the same. Everyone has got different interests, lifestyle, thinking, etc. Why live the life of someone else? Why not pave your own path? Why not  make your decisions? Why not break the chains of “LOG KYA KAHENGY?”

But once you have decided to live the life in your way then do not feel guilty for it. Live it the way you want to, it’s your life and you have got every right to it.

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